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Physical Shamanism and Shamanic Therapy

... entire cellular matrix. [fig]1;1[/fig]In shipibo ayahuasca shamanism, the shaman takes the psychedelic medicine in order to visualize a flickering grid of patterns and symbols crawling across the surface of the patient. These ayahuasca patte...

Common Themes in South American Indian Yage Experiences

The Conibo-shipibo Indians of the Ucayali region of eastern Peru report that a common function of ayahuasca-taking by shamans is to permit the shaman's soul to leave his body in the form of a bird which flies to kill a distant person at night. The bi...

The Shipibo Indians: Masters of Ayahuasca

... and Peruvians and the conversion of many shipibos to Christianity by missionaries in the 1950's and 60's, the Shipibo tribe maintains a strong tribal identity and retains many of their prehistoric shamanic traditions and beliefs. Chief amon...

Communion with the Infinite: The visual music of the Shipibo people of the Amazon

Singing the patterns of healing The shipibo believe that our state of health, both physical and psychological, is dependent on the balanced union between mind, spirit and body. If an imbalance in this occurs - such as through emotions of envy, hat...

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