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Nonlinear System

In mathematics, a nonlinear system is a system which is not linear, that is, a system which does not satisfy the superposition principle, or whose output is not proportional to its input. Less technically, a nonlinear system is any problem where the ...

Multistability in a driven nonlinear system controlled by weak subharmonic perturbations

... and control multi-stability in a wide class of nonlinear systems, which display the period doubling route into chaos or possess isolated subharmonic branches. The number of attractors induced depends on the subharmonic frequency, amplitude and pha...

Shamanic Sorcery

... not a coincidence. PIT assumes that the study of nonlinear systems and complexity has always been a fundamental part of shamanism and sorcery. Synchronicity Magic and Probability Collapse Subjects in a destabilized nonlinear state often report en...

What is Nonlinear Hallucination?

... and how they apply to psychedelic perception. nonlinear systems [fig]1;1[/fig]Nonlinear systems can be defined in terms of the complexity of output in proportion to input. The output of changes in a linear system are simple and can be modeled w...

What is Psychedelic Information Theory?

... are also popular terms applied to the study of nonlinear systems, such as fractals and cellular automata, making chaos, chaos magic, and shamanism all spiritual-scientific explorations of generative nonlinear dynamics. While PIT focuses on physi...

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