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About Psychedelic Information Theory Psychedelic Information Theory: Shamanism in the Age of Reason is an analysis of the physical mechanisms of hallucination, shamanic ritual, and expanded states of consciousness. By deconstructing systems of ...

Conclusions and Discussion

... us to make some predictions based on existing chaos theory. General nonlinear dynamics suggests that multi-stable in forced oscillators may be achieved by nudging limit cycles into period doubled bifurcations of normal system output, with each pe...

What is Nonlinear Hallucination?

... study of nonlinear systems has resulted in chaos theory, complexity theory, and the analysis of self-similar recursive systems such as fractals and cellular automata. Renderings of nonlinear output are considered to be of high intrinsic beauty...

An Overview of Physical Shamanism

... takes action. In the nomenclature of chaos theory, when a chaotic system evolves towards a particular state over time, that state is called an attractor, or a strange attractor in fractal systems. According to PIT, nonlinear consciousnes...

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